The Cyclopean Walls of Ancient Krani

The Cyclopean Walls of Ancient Krani

At walking distance from Kefalos Villas, and only three kilometers east of Argostoli, remain the ruins of ancient Krani, huge stone walls originating in the 7th or 6th century BC.

Krani was situated in the coves of Koutavos gulf, built on the hills that rise above the lowlands of Krania. According to the archaeologist Marinatos, the lowlands of Krania were the main area of the ancient city. Today, a large part of the walls still remains and witnesses the ancient Greek art of fortification.

Cyclopean Walls of Ancient Krani

The Cyclopean construction affirms the early ancient establishment of the city. The large size of the stones explains the name “Cyclopean” for the Walls, which are dated in the Mycenaean era. There can be also found some ruins of a Doric temple of Demetra and an inscription writing “Triopis Damatri and Kora” (explained as Triopis dedicates to Demetra and her daughter, Persefoni) is housed in the archaeological museum in Argostoli. The name of the woman (Triopis) indicates the ancient bonds between Kefalonia and Messinia region, arising from mythological hero’s Messinia father’s name, which was Triops.

In the south side of the hill, called “Riza” were found looted pre-Mycenaean tombs, carved in the shape of boxes. Riza was the necropolis of Krani.


How to Reach Kefalonia

By Air

Kefalonia International Airport is just 8 km from Argostoli and there are daily flights to and from Athens International Airport. The duration of the flight is 45 min.

By Ferry

Kefalonia is connected everyday with mainland Greece by ferry through the ports of Argostoli, Lixouri, and Poros. Most ferries travel to Killini-Poros (duration 1h and 30min). During summertime there are ferry connections between Zakynthos and Lefkada. Also, throughout tourist season there are connections to and from Italy via Sami. For any further information you can call on the following:

Port Authorities

  • Patras: (+30) 2610 341 002
  • Killini: (+30) 26230 92211
  • Argostoli: (+30) 26710 22224

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By Bus

Bus station (KTEL Kefalonias)

Athens +30 210 515 0785: From Kifissos, Athens there are daily bus connections with Kefalonia. The bus travels either to Patra or Killini and gets on the ferry. The bus ride is cheaper than flying to or from Athens but it's a longer trip (duration 6-7 hours). For more details about the timetable you can call on the following:

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